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Learn more about Threads, the new Twitter rival by Meta

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Threads, Meta’s text-based app, has been released and is meant to compete with Twitter.

Threads, a text-based app created by Meta to compete with Twitter, is now available.

The app, which is described as a text version of Meta’s photo-sharing platform Instagram, was released on Wednesday night to users in over 100 countries, including the U.S., Britain, Australia, Canada, and Japan. Despite some initial issues, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported that 30 million people had registered by noon on Thursday on Threads.

New users on the platform include well-known individuals such as Oprah, pop star Shakira, and chef Gordon Ramsay, as well as corporate accounts from Taco Bell, Netflix, Spotify, the Washington Post, and other media outlets.

Threads, a new app introduced by Meta, offers real-time updates and public conversations. It comes at a time when some users are seeking alternatives to Twitter due to concerns over Elon Musk’s management since his acquisition of the platform for $44 billion last year. However, the app has also raised concerns regarding data privacy and is currently not available in the European Union.

This is the information you need to know about Threads.

What are the uses of threads?

The app Threads can now be downloaded from the Apple and Google Android app stores in over 100 countries.

Threads was developed by the Instagram team, allowing Instagram users to access the app using their Instagram account. Your username and verification status will transfer, as stated by the platform. Additionally, you will have the ability to personalize other aspects of your profile, such as choosing whether or not to follow the same individuals you do on Instagram.

It is important to be cautious of account deletion when using Threads and Instagram. According to Threads’ supplemental privacy policy, you can deactivate your profile at any time, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account. Can Threads be used without an Instagram account?

Currently, only individuals with Instagram accounts are able to create Threads accounts. To access Threads, it is necessary to sign up for Instagram beforehand.

According to VP and research director at Forrester, Mike Proulx, incorporating Threads as an extension of Instagram was a strategic decision by Meta.

Proulx mentioned that Instagram users are becoming curious and receiving notifications about their followers joining Threads, which is leading more and more people to sign up. This is one of the factors that contributed to over 10 million people signing up for Threads within a seven-hour period after its launch.

Proulx stated that sustaining momentum and consistently engaging users beyond the initial curiosity phase will be vital in determining the success or failure of threads, emphasizing the long-term nature of the platform.

Threads’ microblogging experience is similar to Twitter in various ways. Users have the ability to repost, reply to, or quote a thread. Additionally, they can view the number of likes and replies that a post has garnered. One key distinction is that “Threads” allows for up to 500 characters, surpassing Twitter’s 280-character limit. Furthermore, it also permits the inclusion of links, photos, and videos up to five minutes in length.

In previous statements, Zuckerberg expressed the importance of creating a friendly environment on Threads as a crucial factor for success. He also noted that this was a different approach compared to Twitter, which he believed did not achieve as much success as it should have.

A letter obtained by Semafor on Thursday states that Twitter has issued a legal warning to Meta regarding Threads. The letter, addressed to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and dated Wednesday, was written by Alex Spiro, an attorney representing Twitter. Spiro accuses Meta of allegedly using Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property by hiring former Twitter employees to develop a similar app.

Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta, responded to the report of Spiro’s letter on Threads on Thursday afternoon. Stone stated that no one on the Threads engineering team has previously worked for Twitter. While Musk has not directly mentioned the possibility of legal action, he has responded to several sarcastic comments about the Threads launch. In one tweet, the owner of Twitter replied to a suggestion that Meta’s app was mostly created by copying and pasting, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has not publicly commented on Wednesday’s letter. However, she seemingly addressed Threads’ launch in a Thursday tweet, stating that “the Twitter community can never be duplicated.”

Meta’s new text-based app appears similar in functionality and may be seen as a direct competitor of Twitter. The ownership changes have led some users and advertisers, who are dissatisfied with the alterations made, in search of alternative platforms.

Threads is one of the latest Twitter rivals to appear, joining the ranks of Bluesky, Mastodon, and Spill.

What is the future outlook for threads?

The success of Threads is uncertain as industry experts have observed Meta’s history of launching and later shutting down standalone apps, such as an Instagram messaging app also named “Threads,” which closed less than two years after its launch in 2019, according to Proulx.

However, Proulx and others believe that the new app could present a major challenge for Musk and Twitter.

According to technology analyst Paolo Pescatore of PP Foresight, it seems that this new service is likely to become a lasting rival for Twitter, considering all of its problems. The combination of Twitter-style features with Instagram’s aesthetics could potentially increase user engagement.

Threads is still in its early stages, and the success of the app depends largely on user feedback. Pescatore believes that the strong connection between Instagram and Threads may not appeal to everyone, and the introduction of new features will also be crucial.

In a Threads post, Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated that the true test lies in whether users find enough value in the app to continue using it over time. He also recognized the absence of important features such as hashtags and direct messaging, acknowledging that it will take time to address these shortcomings.



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