How to Get Free Music on iTunes: Unlock a World of Melodies Without Spending a Dime!

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At Xhubh, we understand the joy of discovering new music and the desire to expand your iTunes library without breaking the bank. This comprehensive guide will share effective methods and reliable sources to help you effortlessly obtain free music on iTunes. Say goodbye to expensive purchases and hello to an extensive collection of your favorite tunes!

iTunes has been a popular platform for music enthusiasts to access and enjoy many songs for years. While iTunes offers a vast music library, some users may seek ways to acquire free music without breaking any laws or violating copyright regulations. This article will explore several methods and resources that allow you to get free music on iTunes legally. From promotional offers to free music websites, we’ll guide you through various options to enhance your iTunes music collection without spending a dime.

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How to Get Free Music on iTunes?

Getting free music on iTunes is easier than it may seem. With the right approach and knowledge, you can access many songs without emptying your wallet. Let’s delve into some effective methods to help you enjoy your favorite tunes on iTunes for free.

Method 1: iTunes Store Freebies

The iTunes Store occasionally offers free music downloads for promotional campaigns or special events. Keep an eye on the iTunes Store homepage, where they often showcase limited-time free downloads. Regularly checking for these opportunities can quickly expand your music library at no cost.

Method 2: iTunes Single of the Week

Another fantastic way to get free music on iTunes is by taking advantage of the “Single of the Week” promotion. Each week, iTunes highlights a specific song, making it available for free download. You can find this section in the iTunes Store, and it’s a great way to discover new artists and genres while expanding your music collection.

Method 3: Free Music Websites

Several websites offer a wide selection of free music you can download and import into iTunes. These websites often provide songs from independent artists who are looking to gain exposure. Some popular platforms include SoundCloud, Jamendo, and NoiseTrade. Remember to verify the licensing terms of the songs to ensure they can be legally downloaded and added to your iTunes library.

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Method 4: Free Music Apps

There are various music apps available that allow you to listen to and download music for free. Some of these apps include Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube Music. While these apps may have premium subscription options, they often offer free tiers that allow you to access a significant portion of their music catalog. You can utilize third-party tools or services to download the music from these apps and then import it into iTunes.

Method 5: Free iTunes Gift Cards

If you’re looking for an indirect way to get free music on iTunes, consider participating in online surveys, promotional offers, or rewards programs. Some websites and services provide iTunes gift cards as rewards for completing specific tasks or surveys. By earning these gift cards, you can use them to purchase music on iTunes without spending your own money.

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Method 6: Free Music Podcasts

Podcasts have gained immense popularity in recent years, and many podcasters include snippets of music in their episodes. Some podcasters even create episodes solely dedicated to showcasing and discussing music. You can discover new songs and artists while enjoying free music content by exploring different music-related podcasts. Subscribe to these podcasts and import the episodes into iTunes to expand your music collection.


Acquiring free music on iTunes is possible without resorting to piracy or copyright infringement. You can enjoy an extensive music library without spending a dime by leveraging promotional offers, exploring free music websites and apps, and utilizing iTunes gift cards. Remember to respect artists’ rights and use legal methods to download and import music into iTunes. So follow the methods discussed in this article, and enhance your iTunes music collection today!


Can I legally download free music on iTunes?

Yes, there are legal methods to download free music on iTunes. You can expand your iTunes library without infringing copyright laws by leveraging promotional offers, freebies, and platforms that offer licensed music.

Are free music websites reliable?

While trustworthy free music websites are available, it’s essential to exercise caution and verify the licensing terms of the songs. Stick to reputable platforms like SoundCloud, Jamendo, and NoiseTrade, where artists willingly share their music for promotional purposes.

Do free music apps offer offline listening?

Yes, many free music apps offer offline listening capabilities. For example, Spotify’s free tier allows users to download and listen to songs offline. However, remember that these apps often have limitations and advertisements, which can be removed by subscribing to their premium plans.

Can I use third-party tools to download music from streaming apps?

Some third-party tools or services allow you to download music from streaming apps like Spotify or YouTube Music. However, be cautious when using such tools, as they may violate the terms of service of the respective platforms. Always ensure you are using legal and authorized methods to download music.

Are iTunes gift cards a reliable way to get free music?

Yes, earning iTunes gift cards through legitimate online surveys, rewards programs, or promotional offers can be an effective way to get free music on iTunes. However, be wary of scams or dubious websites claiming to provide free iTunes gift cards.

How often does iTunes offer free music downloads?

The availability of free music downloads on iTunes can vary. Keep an eye on the iTunes Store homepage and regularly check the “Single of the Week” section to stay updated on the latest free music offerings.



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