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How To Take Screenshot In Samsung M12

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Learn how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M12 (SM-M127F). If you’re like many users, then you likely capture a lot of photos using the phone. phoLearn what you can do to create a screen shot using your Samsung Galaxy M12 (SM-M127F). If you’re like the majority of users, then you’ve probably taken many screenshots with your smartphone for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’d like to share something with your family or friends, or maybe you would like to save something to future use. Whatever the reason you want to do, taking pictures is a crucial attribute that most Android phones come with which includes Galaxy M12. Galaxy M12. There are many reasons to take screenshots. You might want to display some thing to your friends or need to save something to come back future use. Whatever the reason you want to do, taking pictures is a crucial function that most Android phones come with which includes the Samsung Galaxy M12. Galaxy M12.

If you’ve just received the brand new Samsung Galaxy M12, you may be wondering how to take a picture. The majority of Samsung phones use similar or identical methods to take photographs. If you’ve utilized the Galaxy device previously you may be familiar with this post. If not, then and learn how to capture the screenshot.

Six Different Strategies of Capturing Screenshot in Samsung M12

  1. By Using Key Combination
  2. Palm Swipe to capture gesture
  3. Assistant Menu
  4. Using Your Voice (Google Assistant)
  5. 3rd-Party Software
  6. Make a Long Screenshot

How to take Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy M12

Method #1: Using Key Combination

  • To take a screen shot by using an LCD screen on your Samsung Galaxy M12, you must turn on the screen you want for to take a picture of.
  • Then it is necessary to hold down the Volume button along with simultaneously the Power Button simultaneously.
  • To see your Screenshot you need to go to the gallery, and then go to Recently added pictures.

Method #2: Palm Swipe to Capture gesture

  • Then, go to the Settings-Advance section to see features and motions..
  • Then, you can enable Palm gestures in order to snap photographs.
  • You can snap photos by pressing the edge of your fingers onto the Galaxy M12 screen. That’s it!

Method #3: Assistant Menu

  • First, open your Setting App
  • Then, go to Accessibility-Interaction and Dexterity
  • Then, you can enable Assistant in Menu Assistant. Home Menu. That’s it!

Method #4: Using Your Voice (Google Assistant)

  • To start, press while holding the button for home.
  • Then, say ” Ok Google, snap a photo,”. That’s it!

Method #5: Using Third-Party Software

  • To start to begin, you need to access Google Play Store. Google Play Store.
  • In the searching box ” Screenshot Easy“. That’s it!

Method #6: Long Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M12

  • First, open your Settings app.
  • Click to scroll down and select Advanced Features. Advanced Features.
  • Select the screen recorder here
  • After that, you can turn on Screenshot toolbar. Screenshot toolbar. That’s it!

How can I view my screenshots?

  • If you’d want to look through the pictures you’ve taken, go to Gallery. Gallery application.
  • Visit the folder to find screenshots.
  • Here, you can see every image you’ve taken.

That’s it!

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