take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

How to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

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Searching for “How to take a screenshots on SAMSUNG Galaxy A13?.. You are at the perfect place Save the screenshots and then open, edit, delete or send the captured screenshots to your Samsung Galaxy A135G smartphone’s Gallery.

6 Methods to Capture Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

Method 1: Using a Button Combination

Follow these steps to take a screenshot using the buttons on your Samsung Galaxy A135G.

  • Choose the screen you want to capture
  • Hold the ” Volume down + Power buttons” together till the display of the phone flashes.
  • Amazing! You can now view the captured screen from your Samsung Galaxy A135G’s Gallery app.

This method works with most Samsung phones.

Method 2: Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G  using Palm Swipe

Take a picture with your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G using the Palm Swipe function.

  • To begin, open the ” Setting ” or ” Advanced Features” tabs of your Samsung Galaxy A135G.
  • Next, select “Gestures and Motions.” “
  • Select the ” Palm swipe option.
  • Next, navigate to the screen you wish to take a picture.
  • Move the hand from left to right on your smartphone’s screen.

Amazing! It would be best if you now had your saved screenshot in your Gallery.

Method 3: Screenshot Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant can capture a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G smartphone, just like the Bixby feature.

  • Take screenshots with Google Assistant by pressing the Home button and holding it for several seconds.
  • Google Assistant will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now you need to say, “OK, Google, take a photo.” “
  • Google Assistant will automatically capture your screen. You must save the screenshot you have caught on your phone.

Method 4: Scroll Capture

This allows you to capture the entire page of your screen.

To take a screenshot, use the scroll capture function on your Samsung Galaxy A135G:

  • Take a screenshot of the screen that interests you.
  • Hold the ” Volume down button + Power Button.”
  • To take screenshots, click ” Scroll to.” To snap a screenshot of the page, tap the icon until it ends.

Now you can capture the screen. It is located in the Gallery section of your phone.

Method 5: Take Screenshot Using Toggle Option

Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.

  • Drag the notification bar down and click on the toggle button. To activate the screenshot capture icon toggle,

It’s done. A screenshot taken with your Samsung Galaxy A135G will be displayed in the Gallery.

Method 6: Bixby

Samsung offers Bixby service. You can take a picture by speaking on your Samsung smartphone.

You can use the Bixby voice command for a screen capture from your Samsung Galaxy A135G.

  • Turn on Voice Wake-Up
  • Move to the screen that you want to capture.
  • Say, “Hi, Bixby,” then “Take screenshots.” “

You’re great! You can find your captured image in the Gallery section of your phone.

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial about How to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.

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